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Less is more: MAKOplasty minimally invasive knee surgery

Posted by CarePoint Health on Apr 27, 2017 12:26:58 PM

So maybe you’ve got a chronic knee problem and it’s time to do something to stop the pain and be active again. If you don’t like the thought of a surgeon sawing off your knee joint and cutting through muscle and tendons (aka traditional open surgery for a total knee replacement) then odds are you’re looking into minimally invasive knee surgery (MIS) options. If the approach is right for you, there can be distinct benefits—particularly if you’re a candidate for partial knee replacement using the latest robotic procedures.

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Why robotic surgery is really superhuman surgery. Is it right for you?

Posted by CarePoint Health on Apr 4, 2017 1:51:37 PM

Imagine you are facing major surgery, and you have two options. You can choose to have a surgery done using the traditional open method, which may require a large incision to be made. Or you could choose a robotic surgery. Considered the most innovative form of minimally invasive surgery now available, it promises smaller incisions, less noticeable scars, less pain and a quicker recovery. But here’s the rub: you have to let a robot do your surgery, right? Not exactly.

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