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Tips for losing weight from DC cupcake company owners

Posted by CarePoint Health on Dec 22, 2015 8:00:00 AM

weight loss tips from Georgetown Cupcakes ownersCupcakes sound good right now, right? Just seeing the word makes you want one. So you might wonder how two sisters who own Georgetown Cupcakes came to lose a combined 100 pounds without giving up their beloved treat. Katherine Berman and Sophie LaMontagne explain how they lost the weight and why it worked:

The weight gain

With active lifestyles, Katherine and Sophie never struggled with their weight while growing up. Even after opening a cupcake shop together, they both remained fit and didn’t allow their delicious treats to change their weight. But then Katherine became pregnant and everything changed.

Katherine was now eating for two, and she began to eat a lot more. And since Sophie was by her side throughout the nine months, they both gained weight. At the end of the pregnancy, Katherine weighed 60 pounds more and Sophie had gained 40 additional pounds.

Losing the weight

After giving birth, Katherine joined Sophie in dedicating themselves to losing the weight in a realistic way. They both didn’t agree with the word “diet” and instead began to make healthy lifestyle changes. Without giving up their favorite foods (including cupcakes), Katherine and Sophie found a way to burn the calories away in a manner they could do: walking.

Katherine and Sophie walked six miles a day, five days a week to slim down. In addition, they broke down their favorite foods into balanced meals, including desserts. So they walked and ate, and at the end of another nine months, they both were back to their original weight.

How and why it worked

Walking is a good exercise to get your calories burning. You’ve heard about getting in your daily 10,000 steps, and setting a mileage goal is no different. Katherine and Sophie attribute their success to having each other to lean on throughout their weight-loss journey. Having a buddy to talk to and encourage you to get moving and eat a balanced meal can do wonders to help you meet your fitness goals.

Sophie explains that it’s about focusing on your efforts as a permanent, long-term change that won’t make you skinny with a snap of your fingers. Making a conscious choice to eat healthy and move each day can develop into a habit over time and help you reach your goals and maintain them without having to give up the sweets completely.

Read more about Katherine and Sophie’s weight loss journey on Shape.com.

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