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Losing weight for the right reasons

Posted by CarePoint Health on Dec 21, 2015 8:00:00 AM

good reasons to lose weightIt’s no secret that losing weight is a tough job, no matter who you are. And part of succeeding is having a positive mental outlook. If you’re trying to drop pounds for the right reasons, you can use those reasons as motivation, and you’ll likely feel better and do better on your diet.

But, if you’re trying to lose weight for some of the wrong reasons, you may not be happier — or healthier — in the end.

Good reason #1: To get healthier

This may be the number-one best reason to try and drop pounds. People who are at a healthy weight and who exercise regularly have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. They live longer and may have a lower risk of depression. When you lose excess weight, you’ll have more energy, and may be inclined to get out and do more activities with friends and family.

If you’re less concerned about the number on the scale, and more concerned about the number on the blood pressure cuff, you’re on the right track.

Good reason #2: To feel better about yourself

Perhaps you remember a time when your favorite jeans fit like a glove. Or you look at old photos of yourself and want to be that energetic, healthier person again. When you feel good about yourself, it shows in everything you do -- your job, your personal life, and your health. So if your motivation to go to the gym or skip the drive-through is that you want to be proud of yourself and your weight-loss accomplishments, keep it up!

Good reason #3: Your family needs you to be healthy

If you’ve dreamt of going to a theme park with your kids, but you’re worried you wouldn’t be able to walk all day, losing weight could help your dream come true. Or maybe you have children or loved ones who rely on you, and you want to be as healthy as possible for them. Getting to a healthy weight can help you live longer and do more things, which is great both for you and the ones you care about.

Bad reason: Someone else thinks you’re too heavy

Sometimes people try to lose weight because a spouse, friend, or other person in their lives tells them they’re not good enough. This can lead to hurt feelings and shame. And, when you’re trying to lose weight for someone else and not yourself, you may find it even harder to make those pounds disappear. With weight loss, the reasons for doing it need to be internal (for yourself) and not external (to please someone else). Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to find motivation and possibly even resentful toward the other person.

Think about your true motivation behind your weight-loss efforts. Knowing why you’re trying to lose weight is just as important as how you’ll accomplish the task.

CarePoint Health Bariatric Surgery

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