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Boost your metabolism with these 4 yoga poses

Posted by CarePoint Health on Dec 29, 2015 8:00:00 AM

yoga moves to boost your metabolismAs we grow older, our metabolism slows down. Exercise is one way we can boost our metabolism and slim down. In fact, you can burn calories, strengthen your core, and speed up your metabolism with yoga.

Yoga expert Kimberly Fowler created this series of moves to help your metabolism by strengthening your core:

  1. Twisted chair pose — Increase circulation by using every muscle in your body and wake up your internal organs with this move. From a standing position, bend your knees and sink your hips down and back as if you were sitting in a chair. With your palms together in front of your chest, rotate your spine, meeting your right knee with your left elbow. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds and rotate to the other side.
  2. Locust pose — Strengthen the muscles in your legs and lower back by lying on your stomach with your arms alongside your body, palms facing up. Lift and hold your head, upper body, arms, and legs off the floor for 45 seconds before releasing back down to the floor. As you release, turn your head to one side. Repeat three times to get a good stretch on your neck.
  3. Bow pose — Boost your energy with this backbend. Start in the same position as the locust pose, then bend your knees and grab your ankles. Make sure your legs are hip-distance apart and your chest is up off the floor during the hold. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds. When you release, turn your head to one side and then repeat two more times.
  4. Eagle pose — Get energized and help your digestion with this move. Stand with your knees slightly bent. Lift your right leg up and over your standing leg. If possible, hook your right foot behind your left calf. Then, bend and sink back as though you are going to sit down. Cross your arms at your elbows in front of your chest, bringing your right arm under your left arm, and cross your wrists so your palms meet. Hold for 45 seconds to one minute. Shake your legs when you release and then repeat on the other side.

If you are not an experienced yogi, don’t be discouraged if you can’t get fully into the poses or hold them for very long. Recruit a friend to do this with you and you’ll soon find yourself becoming more flexible. To continue to boost your metabolism long-term, flow through these poses three to five days a week. For more poses suggested by Kimberly, visit Shape.com.

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