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New intelliJoint HIP® Means Quicker Recovery, Fewer Complications for Hip Replacement Patients

For Young Athletes, Joint Preservation Offers New Hope

Chronic Joint Pain: Why You Shouldn't Let Joint Pain Hold You Back

8 Tips for Happy and Healthy Feet

Thank you doctors for the lives saved, hearts healed, hopes inspired.

What if your hospital provided excellent in-network health care coverage and concierge customer service too?

Our concierge team answers your in-network and out-of-network insurance questions

CarePoint Health’s guide to the ins and outs of health insurance

7 Things You Need To Know About Hepatitis Right Now

Less is more: MAKOplasty minimally invasive knee surgery

Why robotic surgery is really superhuman surgery. Is it right for you?

GI Health: Innovative pill camera for digestive tests

Are You Putting Off Scheduling Your Colonoscopy?

10 things Gen-X and Millennials need to know about colorectal cancer

5 heart attack warning signs you shouldn't ignore

Know your heart: warning signs you shouldn't ignore

The right way to talk about weight with girls

Cholesterol not great? Here’s how to improve it

Reasons for a missed period

Why you should ditch the energy drinks for good

Food swaps to help with PMS

Women and fatigue: common culprits of exhaustion

Signs you may have IBS

6 things you should do for your breast health

Do you have an underactive thyroid?

Surprising symptoms of a bladder infection

3 myths about hysterectomy

Give yourself a weight-loss edge

7 ways to avoid dangerous drug interactions

2016 fitness trends you may find helpful in your journey

Little-known causes of yeast infections

How to dress for wintertime walks

5 signs of a great PCP

Boost your metabolism with these 4 yoga poses

5 things that cause hair loss in women

What does “nutrient-dense” really mean?

What ovarian cysts mean for your health

Can you be overweight but still be healthy?

9 signs you need to head to the ER

8 tips to help you find success in your New Year’s resolutions

4 signs you may be in perimenopause

Is bariatric surgery worth the risk?

Homeopathy — does it work?

Tips for losing weight from DC cupcake company owners

Long-acting reversible contraception — is it for me?

Losing weight for the right reasons

5 things to do today to protect your bones

Meal replacement diets — pros and cons

Is it really a sinus infection?

Why eating eggs can help you lose weight

The facts on vulvar cancer

How often should you weigh in?

Feeling dizzy? Find out why

10 struggles you face after you lose the weight

How smoking affects women’s health

Diet strategies that could be working against you

Feeling your best after menopause

This one thing could make your workout more effective

When bad breath signals a health problem

5 exercises designed for people with excess weight

What to do about irregular periods

Why sticking with strict diets is hard

E. coli — how to protect yourself

New study finds diet soda may make you eat more

Dealing with bladder control issues

How to handle a pre-surgery psych evaluation

Preparing for your urogynecology visit

How to exercise after bariatric surgery

How to create an advance directive

7 greens to eat and boost your health

The facts about women and alcohol

Squeeze a workout in anytime with these tricks

Eat less meat for better health

Eating more fruits and non-starchy vegetables can help you keep the weight off

New mammogram guidelines explained

4 things that are hurting your weight-loss efforts

5 things you didn’t know about incontinence

Stress could be making you gain weight

5 qualities of people who get sick often

Why millennials are gaining weight faster and keeping weight on

3 ways your gynecologist might save your life

5 things to ask your bariatric surgeon

Preventing foodborne illness during the holidays

6 tips to kickstarting a morning workout regimen

What women should know about anxiety

How social media affects your weight

Women and constipation

6 things to know about the Paleo Diet

Tips for reducing your family’s screen time

12 steps to conquering holiday cravings

5 signs you may have endometriosis

Will yoga help me lose weight?

Why you need to know your triglycerides

Why eating more may help you lose weight with this new detox

Is a vaginal estrogen cream right for me?

How bariatric surgery improves diabetes

Do you need vitamins after menopause?

Exercising safely with diabetic neuropathy

4 myths about type 2 diabetes

You should expect these 9 things on your weight-loss journey

How your period affects your sleep

5 ways to avoid weight gain after bariatric surgery

5 easy steps to healthy skin

Guide to eating out: Enjoy eating at restaurants without guilt

5 ways college girls can stay healthy

What you need to know about your hormone levels and weight gain

What women should know about heart disease

No time for the gym? Try these tricks

6 ways to cope with the holiday blues

6 foods you should eat to keep slim

Date rape drugs: How to protect yourself

Drinking, a “beer belly,” and tips to get rid of it

The link between diabetes and food poisoning

Guide to eating out: Getting the protein you need

3 signs of perimenopause and how to handle them

Pre-surgery diet: Tips to help you stick with it

Does cranberry help with UTI’s?

Can’t cook? You can still prepare healthy meals

Home remedies for flu symptoms

18 weight-loss tips from Jillian Michaels that work

5 myths about mammograms, busted

With weight loss, faster isn’t always best

Why treating depression is important

Guide to eating out: The salad bar

What causes early menopause?

Tips for getting bariatric surgery covered by insurance

The facts about ‘female Viagra’

Find workout motivation with these tips

Lactose intolerance or milk allergy? How to tell

5 thoughts you need to banish now to successfully lose weight

5 signs you need to call your gynecologist

Food and mood — what’s the connection?

Keep bad habits at bay

Guide to eating out: Know what sides to order

Great activities for senior women

Do caffeine and workouts mix?

The facts about bioidentical hormones

Bariatric surgery may improve your social life

How secondhand smoke harms your health

Shonda Rhimes on weight loss, lifestyle changes, and being happy

Bladder problems you should not ignore

Which foods are best to eat after a workout?

Guide to eating out: Portions, beverages & carbs

8 ways exercise benefits women with breast cancer

Warning signs of ADHD in adults

Trying to lose weight? Stop the negative talk

6 common things that can make PMS worse

5 good things to do before bariatric surgery

Do I need the shingles vaccine?

The successful weight loss weapon you’re probably not considering

5 reasons to consider an IUD

How and when you should stretch for workouts

Keep the school germs away

Guide to eating out: Trying restaurants again

Can breast cancer be prevented?

Should I really eat 5-6 small meals a day?

Menopause and weight gain: The facts

4 easy ways to boost your metabolism

What to do about motion sickness

3 overrated superfoods that aren’t worth the hype

5 things that disrupt your period

These “healthy” food choices aren’t always the best option

How having a pet can improve your health

How chairs are slowly destroying our bodies

6 facts about osteoporosis

Why you should stop after dinner snacking

6 facts about endometrial cancer

4 good reasons to consider bariatric surgery

5 signs you’re not sleeping enough

Why people with excess weight might develop diabetes

The headache and hormone connection

Interval training can boost your workout

How to keep your loved ones safe in the summertime [infographic]

Common weight loss mistakes you should avoid

Diet tips for hot flashes

Eat breakfast for weight-loss success

Birth control interactions you need to know about

Vitamins and minerals after bariatric surgery — what you need

Why you need to test for radon in your home

Bariatric surgery produces better results than drug therapy

Make the most of your gynecology appointment

Helping your child with a healthy weight

Why am I tired all the time?

Vitamin D deficiency could be hindering your weight loss

The facts about tampons and toxic shock

Make your diet work for you

6 hidden causes of yeast infections

How to stop emotional eating

Fruits and veggies — 4 ways to get more

Begin a walking program: Go zero to sixty in 12 weeks

4 things to know about ovarian cancer

3 things that change after bariatric surgery

Easy ways to prevent kidney stones

Need to lose 100 pounds or more? Follow these 10 tips for success

Signs of pelvic organ prolapse

Does diet matter more than exercise for weight loss?

Pelvic floor disorders – know your risk

Trans fats to be banned — here’s why

What is Legionnaire’s disease?

New study: Eating a high-protein breakfast is best for weight loss

7 facts about endometrial ablation

4 ways to quit drinking your calories

Be prepared for flu season

Mayo Clinic tests new weight-loss balloon in Minnesota patient

What every woman needs to know about BV

Bariatric surgery – am I a candidate?

4 ways to teach your daughter healthy habits

Are you eating too many empty calories?

Easy food swaps for better blood sugar

3 habits to incorporate into your before-bed ritual for weight-loss success

Know the signs of breast cancer

How to keep losing weight after bariatric surgery

4 reasons why you shouldn’t self-diagnose

6 facts about menopause hormone therapy

Free online tools to track calories and exercise

Sexual assault is never okay

Losing weight is hard –- beat the odds

4 tips for Alzheimer’s caregivers

Nutrition guide: How to eat healthy in college

Postpartum depression – know the signs

Watch sodium levels in diet foods

How weight-loss surgery may boost the number of calories you burn

Changes proposed for Nutrition Facts label on foods

How to approach your family about buying healthier foods

How to get the whole family involved when trying to lose weight

What to expect during your department of transportation (DOT) physical

Talking to your daughter about puberty

5 reasons to feel great about bariatric surgery

Bladder issues? Avoid these foods

Obesity now considered a disease

Healthy changes for any budget

10 self-help tips to combat Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

Douching – dangerous to your health

What to expect after bariatric surgery

Keeping asthma under control

Add these foods to your diet for more vitamin D

Losing weight can help improve your liver health

Permanent birth control – what to consider

Healthy ways to stave off hunger

Pelvic inflammatory disease: what you need to know

3 unexpected ways to boost weight loss

The importance of high vaccine rates

Counseling before bariatric surgery can lead to long-term weight loss success

6 facts about your menstrual cycle

5 weight loss “quick fixes” that don’t work

4 habits that are bad for your health

Don’t over-indulge in healthy foods, eat proper portion sizes

How your doctor determines if you are a candidate for bariatric surgery

Low libido in women and how to address it

6 tips for eating after bariatric surgery

3 myths about bariatric surgery

5 tips to stay healthy when traveling

How to increase your physical activity levels safely

Don’t ignore bladder control problems

4 tips to beat workout boredom

Easy habits that are good for you

10 healthy eating habits you should adopt

Weight-loss story: Comedienne Lisa Lampanelli feels 19 again

How birth control can clear your skin

5 benefits of bariatric surgery

Take time to take care of yourself

5 ways to burn more calories throughout your day

4 simple ways to keep your mind sharp

10 foods you DON’T want to eat before a workout

Tips for PMS and PMDD

For more weight loss, look beyond cardio

First aid 101: Responding to injuries

Coping with menopause discomforts

9 reasons you’ve hit a weight-loss plateau and how to get out of it

Incontinence after pregnancy

Type 2 diabetes patients may experience significant health benefits from bariatric surgery

You need to eat fat – just the right kind

Prediabetes: are you at risk?

Preventing and treating a stomach virus

Safe exercise for seniors

Concussions need to be taken seriously

5 things to know about a-fib

Don’t ignore the symptoms of depression

4 easy ways to keep your gut healthy

Preventing hip fractures in older adults

14 ways to boost energy and burn fat while walking

Prevent common back pain causes

Will you accept J-Lo’s weight-loss challenge?

Lower your risk of stroke

Should you skip breakfast before your morning workout?

5 ways stress is hurting you – and how to fix it

Focus on diet, instead of your fitness tracker, to lose weight

Lose weight with the 3 P’s

The truth about gluten and celiac disease

5 steps to choosing the right weight-loss surgery

The basics of a LEEP procedure

4 facts about carpal tunnel syndrome

Fueling yourself for an efficient workout

Seasonal allergies

Get an early start each day with protein

Treating infertility with medications

4 ways to prevent coronary artery disease

Bariatric surgery combats arthritis

Blood pressure: what the numbers mean

Lose weight by streaming fitness workouts online

New study may explain why your best friend lost more weight

Urinary tract infections: don’t ignore the pain

What to do about irritable bowel syndrome

Are you a candidate for weight-loss surgery? [infographic]

Treating a prolapsed bladder

Treating an injured knee

4 reasons vitamin D is important for weight loss

What is strep throat?

17 ways to squeeze weight loss into your daily routine

What to expect during a colposcopy

What to know about dilated cardiomyopathy

3 ways to prepare yourself for interactions after surgery

Preventing Ebola: what can you do?

15 ways to crush your cravings

How women can really shed excess weight

Ovarian cancer – know your risk

Clearing the misconceptions of colonoscopy

5 people who might get jealous about your weight loss

Reversible methods of contraception

What to do about sports injuries

3 ways to avoid weight gain after an injury

11 mistakes to fix for your summer feminine hygiene

What are the treatment options for measles?

Creating the perfect workout playlist based on BPM

Breaking the myths about menopause

What is heart failure?

4 motivating ways to get out of a fitness slump

5 things about PCOS you need to know

Too much TV can lead to childhood obesity, says new study

27 superfoods that can help you slim down

What is polycystic ovarian syndrome?

5 surprising facts about ulcers

7 steps to a healthy recovery from bariatric surgery

Why every woman needs a gynecologist

The importance of treating shoulder injuries

3 signs your "healthy" diet is bad for your health

Why going commando can be good and bad

When your cough is cause for concern

Train your brain to help you keep off excess weight

Why endometriosis is considered a mysterious condition

Heart palpitations: should you worry?

Lose weight faster by adding more pleasure and fun to your life

It’s National Women’s Health Week!

What are the signs and symptoms of measles?

Why asking for help with emotional eating may not work

5 exercise programs for fitness beginners

The advantages of a digital mammogram

Dealing with constipation

3 common FAQs about nutritional supplements

Diagnosing and treating uterine fibroids

Tennis elbow doesn’t just affect athletes

5 ways to organize your home for weight loss

7 little-known facts about your menstrual cycle

How is Ebola spread?

Diet soda products may not help with weight loss

Preventing osteoporosis before it starts

6 simple healthy habits that help your heart

Simple vs complex carbohydrates: what's the difference?

Cranberry juice may help prevent UTI

When do you need an antibiotic?

No time for exercise? Try these 17 weight-loss hacks

Mobile app allows you to preview a slimmer you

Cervical cancer: 
prevention and early detection are key

What are gallstones?

4 poor sleep habits that cause weight gain

How to relieve pain from fibroid symptoms

Treatment options for arthritis

6 ways to improve your running form

What happens after you stop taking birth control pills?

What is the measles?

6 plus-size fashion trends that must stop

3 new ways to treat heavy periods

4 surprising symptoms that could indicate a heart attack

The timeline of bariatric surgery

Balance your life with help from your menstrual cycle

Why everyone needs a regular checkup

The health benefits of weight-loss surgery [infographic]

Poor ingredients affect health across the nation

What to expect at your first gynecology visit

Heartburn and GERD: What you can do

5 healthy natural sugars that satisfy dessert cravings

What you can do about urinary incontinence

Fall prevention strategies for those with osteoporosis

How to choose a healthy slice of pizza

9 causes of long and heavy periods (menorrhagia)

Can your pet help improve your heart health?

Chronic fatigue could be treated through healthy lifestyle changes

5 healthy eating habits to work into your daily diet

Women who can benefit from Kegel exercises

How to overcome constipation after weight-loss surgery

6 ways to help prevent the onset of osteoporosis

Drinking coffee before exercising could enhance your workout

What you need to know about the Ebola virus

Bariatric surgery saves teen’s life

15 unusual weight-loss tips

How to get the most out of your OB-GYN appointment

Can GERD cause problems with sleep?

5 tasty food combinations that benefit your health

Foot drop after gastric bypass surgery

Endometriosis in teenage girls is often ignored

Why is osteoporosis more common in women?

6 tips for choosing the best gynecologist

Good nutrition can lower your risk for heart disease

Lifestyle changes that can lower your risk for type 2 diabetes

Asthma exacerbations may be reduced with bariatric surgery

Warnings against a medical tool leads to changes in hysterectomies

Osteoporosis: Common causes and risk factors

5 ways to treat and curb excessive gas

4 ways to avoid weight gain from bulk foods

7 ways to prevent the development of HPV

Joint-friendly cardio workouts for runners

6 ways to manage spring allergies

Try these options for a healthier lunch

The pros of counting calories for weight loss

5 historical events that lead to modern gynecology

3 common causes of constipation

4 truths about successful weight loss

Exercises that can help fight osteoporosis

Sitting vs sugar: which is more dangerous?

8 natural ways to battle depression

Starting your first cardio routine? Check out these beginner-friendly exercises

Swimming may be an ideal low-impact alternative to walking

8 foods that will strengthen your bones

How to recognize signs of Crohn’s disease

5 ways to make weight loss less painful

Save your heart! Avoid these foods for better cardiovascular health

Lower LDL “bad” cholesterol with these healthy foods

How to adopt healthy eating and exercise habits right now

Friends can inspire you more than celebrities

The relationship between hemorrhoids and obesity

3 hormones that can affect your weight-loss success

Does your fitness trainer have your best interests at heart?

Could the germs in your gut help you lose more weight?

5 healthy snack essentials to keep on hand when traveling

Try these 10 superfoods you’ve never heard of

Can a hormone help you maintain weight and eat what you want?

How to avoid dumping syndrome after gastric bypass surgery

3 ways to become a morning exerciser

25 fun ways to add more exercise to your life

Why you should add peanuts to your weight-loss diet

Self-love can be enhanced after bariatric surgery

Weightlifting is an ideal workout for women

Facing complications from Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery

Dealing with shoulder pain after gastric band surgery

Successful weight-loss tips from real people

3 ways to improve heart health after bariatric surgery

ROYGBIV your next meal!

How gastric sleeve surgery helped boost the confidence of a Fresno woman

5 excuses to stop making about exercise

Coping with stomach pain after bariatric surgery

Avocados can help you slim down

5 reasons to avoid indulging in "skinny" foods

What you need to know for your post-bariatric surgery life

Wake up slimmer tomorrow using these tips

4 common chemicals that contribute to weight gain

7 great reasons women should lift weights

Socializing while losing weight could increase your success

5 more tasty, whole foods that fight inflammation

Does low-fat actually mean less healthy?

Jawbone UP users share insight into weight loss

Qualifying factors for weight-loss surgery

5 things weight-loss surgery patients don't like to hear

Cut calories with these delicious food tips and swaps

Can an avocado a day keep the doctor away?

Women may have a more difficult time losing weight than men

The truth about juicing and juice cleanses for weight loss

5 fun ways to lose weight with your friends

6 healthy shortcuts to faster weight loss

Bariatric surgery can help type 2 diabetics, says new study

5 most important food swaps for weight loss

USDA approves new weight-loss device

Dietitian explains how to choose the best diet for weight loss

Exercising after weight-loss surgery [infographic]

6 foods that accelerate calorie burning

Common dieting and weight-loss myths, debunked

Add cumin to your meals to speed up weight loss

New Jersey Measles Outbreak: What You Need to Know

Actress Melissa McCarthy loses weight on a low-carb diet

3 important things to know before you start losing weight

4 benefits of going through a sugar detox

Three women of three generations share weight-loss successes

5 top-rated weight-loss diets for 2015

Hidden carbohydrates could be causing you to retain weight

Biggest Loser trainers offer fitness tips for 2015

6 foods that detoxify and slim your body

7 helpful tips for yoga beginners

Super Bowl Sunday: Healthy snacks for game day

Food blogger Andie Mitchell on the benefits of weight loss

3 natural ways to thin out your face

Drinking green tea while exercising could help with weight loss

One man details weight-loss journey in personal series

4 dating tips for weight-loss surgery patients

How to use weight-loss apps effectively

One woman’s 130-pound weight-loss journey

4 unsuspecting factors that trigger weight gain

When you lose weight, you breathe out fat

Bariatric surgery offers more than just weight loss

The link between obesity and breast cancer

3 common myths about nutrition, debunked

‘Hustlin’ rapper lost 85 pounds with crossfit

5 weight-loss trends that should disappear forever

5 food and weight-loss stories from 2014

Group motivation helps seniors lose weight

Tips for eating healthy under social pressure

Curb your appetite by staying warm during workouts

How often should you weigh yourself?

7 hot fitness trends that will dominate 2015

Family motivation may not be the best for weight loss

Want to live longer? Eat Mediterranean!

10 fashionable ways to look 10 pounds lighter

7 tips for grocery shopping on a diet

10 good luck foods to eat on New Year’s Day

Can a high-fiber diet prevent colon cancer?

7 things to do in your kitchen to drive weight loss

3 ways to lose weight and still enjoy the holidays

13 ways to feel thinner by bedtime

3 secrets to improving muscle definition

3 fitness and weight-loss apps for 2015

4 bad fitness habits to give up right now

5 smart dieting resolutions for the New Year

10 ways to make each day healthier

5 winter foods that promote fat-burning

How to live with an unhealthy partner

10 weight-loss tips for the New Year

Exercise like nobody's watching

4 ways to prevent exercise knee pain

Time-saving hacks for lunchtime workouts

How to eat for lasting energy

5 destructive habits that ruin weight-loss progress

5 shocking reasons you're not losing weight

10 signs your fitness routine is too intense

5 foods that trick you into eating more sugar

8 Healthy Thanksgiving Sides

12 ways to get yourself to exercise every day

5 health benefits of drinking tea

11 signs that indicate high blood sugar

4 popular questions about vitamins and supplements

Why "everything in moderation" can result in weight-loss failure

How to introduce yourself to clean eating

3 ways to maximize the effects of your workouts

Popular fitness advice: Separating fact from fiction

4 herbs and spices that enhance the flavor of your food

4 reasons you’re suffering from cravings

3 fun ways to shake up your treadmill workout

How to eliminate your “comfort food” needs

4 ways to avoid holiday weight gain

Healthy candy swaps that satisfy your sweet tooth

6 healthy grocery splurges worth the cost

Weight-loss surgery proven best at diabetes remission

3 ways to indulge without expanding your waistline

7 healthy vegetables high in protein

Eating with overweight people can trigger weight gain, says study

4 inventive ways to burn more calories

3 foods that naturally help reduce "bad" cholesterol

4 health tips you should never follow

Will doubling up on workouts lead to faster weight loss?

4 vitamins that require you to monitor intake

7 foods that help relieve stress and anxiety

2 great exercises for eliminating back fat

Lower your cancer risk with exercise and a healthy diet

6 ingredients to avoid to ensure lasting good health

The best exercise for controlling blood sugar

10 foods to avoid eating with high blood pressure

Is your personality making you more prone to weight gain?

6 foods that fight inflammation and weight gain

4 ways to care for sore muscles

5 reasons you might be failing at weight loss

Weight-loss surgery reduces the risk for Alzheimer's disease

5 healthy fat-burning foods to eat throughout fall

7 delicious ingredient swaps that promote weight loss

CarePoint Health – Bayonne Medical Center Cancer Patient Donates “End of Treatment Bell” to Radiation Oncology Center

5 reasons your diet is causing mood swings

7 proven methods that help you lose belly fat

4 signs your diet doesn't work for you

After-workout mistakes that trigger weight gain

Truth and The CarePoint Health Experience

5 ways to boost metabolism after waking up

Nutritionists share the most common weight-loss mistakes

Protein shakes could be your missing weight-loss ingredient

7 foods that improve gut health

5 ways to make running less difficult

Weight-loss surgery can improve urinary incontinence

5 easy ways to eat healthy all week long

Gut bacteria can trigger sugar and fat cravings

12 signs you might be exercising too much

Bayonne Medical Center, Christ Hospital, and Hoboken University Medical Center Participate in the #ALSicebucketchallenge

Bariatric surgery improves testosterone and sex drive in men

4 things to do tonight to lose weight tomorrow

The link between BMI and your health [infographic]

New guidelines make more patients eligible for weight-loss surgery

6 healthy foods you shouldn't be throwing away

5 myths about obesity, debunked

How to get started on a fitness plan

5 tips to help you avoid weight gain on vacation

6 ways to avoid giving up during your workout

5 things all great diets have in common

7 natural ways to venture into weight loss

5 ways exercise can boost your mental health

7 creative ways to eat healthier on a busy schedule

Conquering "Last Meal Syndrome" before bariatric surgery

4 popular myths about weight loss, debunked

3 surprising benefits of weight-loss surgery

Reduced sodium intake leads to faster weight loss

5 sensible ways to lose weight this summer

10 superfoods that will drive weight loss [infographic]

8 vital nutrients for those who stay active

4 ways to revitalize your exercise routine

Emergency supplies for all bariatric patients

Meatless Monday: Greens and Goat Cheese Pie with a Potato Crust

5 foods that alleviate bloating

4 habits that will keep you focused on weight loss

5 reasons you might be overeating

Drink more water to accelerate weight loss

5 natural ways to stop your sugar cravings

How to calculate your body mass index (BMI)

4 ways to avoid extra weight gain

5 fascinating facts about body fat

4 habits that can slow down your metabolism

Overcoming the fear of gastric banding failure

The truth about the safety of dietary supplements

4 foods that trick you into thinking they're healthy

5 reasons you still feel hungry after eating

The truth behind 5 common fitness myths

Weight-loss surgery lowers uterine cancer risk

5 ways to boost the nutrition of your salad

The heat is on — caregiving considerations in hot weather

The link between breakfast and weight loss

6 easy ways to manage portion sizes

Foods to eat when you're moving less

Using proper form is important when exercising

9 ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet

5 tricks to staying hydrated when exercising

The color of your plate can affect weight loss

Proper fitness clothing can drive weight loss

Clothes-shopping tips for weight-loss surgery patients

Avocados can lead to weight loss and satiety

4 signs your exercise routine isn't working

Obese men who delay bariatric surgery face major health risks

Meatless Monday: Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers with Spicy Ketchup

6 diet myths that could trigger weight gain

Key lifestyle habits linked to long-term weight loss

5 common myths about the vegetarian diet

Small transitions that can lead to healthier eating

4 ways to get over your weight-loss plateau

6 Links for Memorial Day Recipes

Feelings of guilt could sabotage weight loss

Sleep hormone melatonin can boost weight-loss efforts

Diet soda is no longer helpful for weight loss

Metabolic syndrome improves after weight-loss surgery

Take body measurements to see the best weight-loss results

Bariatric surgery is now safe and recommended for obese teens

How to take before-and-after weight-loss photos

Meatless Monday: 5 Recipes from Our Favorite Blogs

Weight-loss surgery could reverse signs of aging

What We've Been Reading: 5 Links on Hearing

Women see improvements in sexual health following bariatric surgery

Extra benefits you can expect from weight-loss surgery

Tips for kicking your soda habit

Ask a Doctor: Ankle Sprain

Bariatric surgery proven better for weight loss than diet or exercise

Preparing your kitchen for life after weight-loss surgery

Ask a Doctor: Surgical Options for Obesity

Hypoglycemia is rare following bariatric surgery

Tips for dining out following weight-loss surgery

Meatless Monday: 5 Vegetarian Recipes for Spring

Gastric sleeve is a valuable weight-loss treatment, says study

Bariatric surgery can reduce the risk for cancer

Good sleep habits can drive weight loss

Non-scale victories following weight-loss surgery

The benefits of attending a weight-loss support group

Combat late-night eating to accelerate weight loss

Healthy habits to help you surpass weight-loss plateaus

Tips for taking medication following gastric band surgery

Meatless Monday: Warm Bulgur Stir Fry

Lose extra weight through stress reduction

5 Links to Help You Sleep

How to avoid overeating after bariatric surgery

Improve your mood and well-being through weight loss

Ask a Doctor: Antibiotic Resistance

Signs your body may be nutrient-deficient

Tips for enjoying the liquid diet phase following weight-loss surgery

Meatless Monday: Asian Noodle Bowl with Spicy Almond Sauce

The importance of vitamins and nutrients after bariatric surgery

Ask a Doctor: Women and Contraception

Quit smoking now to reduce bariatric surgery risks

Tips for staying motivated following weight-loss surgery

Meatless Monday: Savory Corn Quiche with Green Chiles and Green Onions

Patience is key following weight-loss surgery

Pregnancy after weight-loss surgery: What to expect

Using social media can help you lose weight

Bariatric surgery can improve blood sugar control in type 1 diabetics

Gallstones may occur after weight-loss surgery

Can you drink alcohol after weight-loss surgery?

Ask a Doctor: Pain Medications

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