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Thank you doctors for the lives saved, hearts healed, hopes inspired.

Posted by CarePoint Health on Mar 30, 2018 8:45:01 AM

March 30 is National Doctors’ Day. It’s the official day to recognize the extraordinary,

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What if your hospital provided excellent in-network health care coverage and concierge customer service too?

Posted by CarePoint Health on Mar 21, 2018 10:47:50 AM

Wouldn’t it be great if you had in-network health care coverage at a hospital close to home and a health care clinic in your neighborhood? What if it came with someone who could coordinate your doctor and specialist appointments, who could get your lab results to you quickly, and who could answer your insurance questions—large or small?

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Our concierge team answers your in-network and out-of-network insurance questions

Posted by CarePoint Health on Mar 12, 2018 1:52:03 PM

When you’re sick you worry about your health, but you may also worry about your health insurance—what does it cover, how much will you pay out of pocket, can you see a good doctor, who can help answer your questions?

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CarePoint Health’s guide to the ins and outs of health insurance

Posted by CarePoint Health on Mar 5, 2018 9:18:43 AM

Just under half of Americans with health insurance feel confident that they understand basic insurance terms, according to a study in the Journal of Health Economics. If you’re one of those people who don’t completely understand the ins and outs of your health insurance, this guide can help.

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7 Things You Need To Know About Hepatitis Right Now

Posted by CarePoint Health on May 26, 2017 10:15:47 AM

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has designated the month of May as Hepatitis Awareness Month—and May 19 as Hepatitis Testing Day. The goal of setting aside the entire month of May is to educate people on what the CDC considers a hidden epidemic and encourage them to get tested.

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Less is more: MAKOplasty minimally invasive knee surgery

Posted by CarePoint Health on Apr 27, 2017 12:26:58 PM

So maybe you’ve got a chronic knee problem and it’s time to do something to stop the pain and be active again. If you don’t like the thought of a surgeon sawing off your knee joint and cutting through muscle and tendons (aka traditional open surgery for a total knee replacement) then odds are you’re looking into minimally invasive knee surgery (MIS) options. If the approach is right for you, there can be distinct benefits—particularly if you’re a candidate for partial knee replacement using the latest robotic procedures.

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Why robotic surgery is really superhuman surgery. Is it right for you?

Posted by CarePoint Health on Apr 4, 2017 1:51:37 PM

Imagine you are facing major surgery, and you have two options. You can choose to have a surgery done using the traditional open method, which may require a large incision to be made. Or you could choose a robotic surgery. Considered the most innovative form of minimally invasive surgery now available, it promises smaller incisions, less noticeable scars, less pain and a quicker recovery. But here’s the rub: you have to let a robot do your surgery, right? Not exactly.

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GI Health: Innovative pill camera for digestive tests

Posted by CarePoint Health on Mar 22, 2017 1:40:29 PM

What if you could swallow a pill that would pass through your small intestine and capture video that your doctor could then use to diagnose all kinds of gastrointestinal problems? It’s possible and gastroenterologists at CarePoint Health like Geethan Sivananthan, MD, are doing it. 

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GI Health: When to see a gastroenterologist

Posted by CarePoint Health on Mar 22, 2017 1:01:08 PM

What do you think of when you hear the word gastroenterologist? If it’s colonoscopies you are only partially correct. They do specialize in colon health and during colon cancer awareness month they are keenly focused on getting the word out about colonoscopies and preventing the number two cause of cancer death—colon cancer.

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Are You Putting Off Scheduling Your Colonoscopy?

Posted by CarePoint Health on Mar 22, 2017 12:30:23 PM

Have you thought about delaying or even skipping having a screening colonoscopy? Does the preparation the night before—or the test itself—seem overwhelming? You are not alone. Gastroenterologist Jeevan Vinod explains that many times our fear of the procedure is driven by not being able to see the whole picture

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